Male Only – DoTheWork 90 Day Mansformation

Guys this is for you are aged 25-40 and if you have had enough of…
  • Your beer belly
  • Your man-boobs
  • Your bullsh*t excuses
  • Your awful fitness levels
  • Your lack of strength

Or maybe…

  • Your mates looking better than you
  • Not being able to wear a tight shirt
  • Not feeling good in a pair of swim shorts or even budgies
  • Not being able to run around with your kids
  • Not feeling like an alpha male
I GUARANTEE this programme will…
  • Strip away that beer belly and get you a leaner flatter stomach
  • Get you a defined chiselled chest!
  • Make you drop your bullsh*t excuses and become a leader
  • Sky-rocket your fitness levels
  • Maximise your strength


  • Get you better results than your mates
  • Give you the body & the confidence to wear tight shirts
  • Give you unstoppable confidence on the beach
  • Allow you to outrun your kids
  • Become the alpha male
This person came to me as someone who was constantly travelling with work, staying away from home most of the week. He was previously in habits that included drinking every weekend, eating convenience food as well as room service most of the week. We managed to achieve these results with all that going on.

We created a strategy that included hotels meals etc, we made his situation work for him.

There is literally no barrier than we cannot crush with my coaching methods. He was also still able to enjoy the odd beer whilst on this programme!

If you want results like this guy in 12 weeks, hit the link below!

Here’s what you get gents…

  • Structured workouts including videos & explanations via my app. Bespoke programming to your needs & body including breakdown of reps, sets, weights, tempo & rest etc. Essentially workouts that GET YOU RESULTS. We continuously adapt your programme over the 12 weeks to improve your results for physique, performance, strength, recovery etc.
  • A nutritional strategy that takes into account your job, family, lifestyle & goals. We make it absolutely individual to you and again a strategy that GETS YOU RESULTS. You will also be provided with example days so that you know exactly what a good day would look like with your diet.
  • Daily accountability giving you access to my premium habit tracker which includes tracking of exercise, nutrition, sleep, energy, protein & step count. A system which GETS YOU RESULTS. A system which gives instant feedback via a traffic light system against your targets.
  • A weekly check-in for me to give feedback on your progress, to answer questions and to motivate you to do what you need to do!
  • Access to The DoTheWork Coaching Hub. In here I host all of my current clients, a collection of content including videos, podcasts and links to resources all to help you achieve your goals!

“I don’t usually write reviews but I can honestly say Dale’s is one of the best things I have ever done. He doesn’t sell you on fake unrealistic targets. He provides meal ideas and nutrition guides which are personalised for you. He sets realistic targets and understands we live in the real world where sometimes you will have mistakes but to continue with his programs and the results will come in. He continuously checks and genuinely cares about you and how you are doing. I have much better understanding of my health and fitness and that is down to Dale and his programme. I would genuinely recommend this to all my friends and family.”

Karl Chambers

Karl achieved amazing results and managed to lose an incredible 30lbs in a 12 week period between March & June 2020. He has been an inspiration as a client. He works as a teacher and due to the location of his job he gets up at 4am and gets home around 7/8pm.

He still manages to hit his steps, follow his nutritional strategy and complete his exercise. If Karl can do it, then so can you!

The best part about this, is that it is just the beginning, Karl now has awesome goals of building his arms and abs now that he is at his lowest weight since 2011.

My promise to you…

Follow that link, input your information and book a call with me so that we can have a no obligation chat about whether this programme is the right fit for you. ZERO PRESSURE.


If you DO NOT lose weight from this programme and you have followed my advice displayed via the daily accountability, workout progress, step count and nutrition – I WILL REFUND YOU THE FULL PRICE.

You must have…

  • Completed 80% of the workouts
  • Attended at least 9 check-in calls
  • Have completed your daily accountability log in full and have at least 80% adherence
  • Asked for help for me to be able to make interventions where needed