Invest In You

This course is designed to be the beginning of your weight loss journey, but the last beginning you should ever need. It is a 6 week habit change course which introduces you to planned exercise, management of your calories and it also homes in on mindset and motivation with the use of pen and paper! There are limited places available and this is an online coaching group based course.

Image showing the results from a client.

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Karl Chambers
December 31, 2019
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Karl Chambers Testimonial

I don’t usually write reviews but I can honestly say dale invest in you programme is one of the best things I have ever done.
He doesn’t sell you on fake unrealistic targets. He provides meal ideas and nutrition guides which are personalised for you.
He sets realistic targets and understands we live in the real world where sometimes you will have mistakes but to continue with his programs and the results will come in.
He continuously checks and genuinely cares about you and how you are doing.
I have much better understanding of my health and fitness and that is down to Dale and his programme.
I would genuinely recommend this to all my friends and family. Genuinely you can tell you love doing these programs and you love helping people reach there goals.