Short-Term Transformations pt.1 with James Critchen & James Mc Dowell

The #DoTheWork Podcast – Episode #5

In today’s episode I am joined by James Critchen and James Mc Dowell. I met these legends at the International Fitness Summit in Barcelona last year.

Both are Personal Trainers – Crabby, who is based in Surrey is an S&C Coach who works out of his home gym and (Irish) James is from, well, Ireland who has both F2F and online clients and he helps them lose their first 10lbs – It was an absolute pleasure to get them on.


Both James’ talk about their approach to weight loss with their clients and also their opinion on short-term transformations. There was so much content that I had to split it over 2 episodes. 

In today’s MYTH-BUSTING -Crabby (James Critchen) busts the idea that H.I.IT. burns more calories than resistance based training using the notion of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

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(Irish) James can be found on IG @james_fit_mcdowell but he spends more time on FB, you can find his business page here – – You can also request to join his private weight loss support group via this link

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